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This Product is mainly use to make rubberized mattress upholstery, Insulation of drainage pipes, filtering ect…
Diameter approximately 21 inches height approximately 12 inches average weight 23 Kg no of curls per meter 64-68 thickness of the rope ½ to ¾ inches. Available products in 100% mattress Fiber, Mixed Fiber Omatt + mattress fiber,

20mts to 22mts per 40'container ( Depending on the mixture )

Mattress Fiber Bales:
45 x 22 x 21 inches compressed bales 100-150kg as buyers requirement, General Production pressing 100% mattress fiber, mixed fiber, 100% Omatt.

20mt to 21Mt in a 40'HC container

Hackled Fiber:
Hackling and upgrading bristle fiber mainly for brush manufacturing, there are natural and dyed. We supply in different cut lengths, colour ( Natural, Sulphur Bleach and Dyed), 1 tie to 3 ties waxed and oil treated according to buyers requirement.

8Mt in Ballots or 12.5Mts in Bales per 20' container.

Machine Twisted Coir Yarn:
Made out of natural Coco bristle fiber available in different products such as spool, hanks and bale form, this made as per buyers requirement / thickness. This is used to manufacture mats, matting, and carpets rubber based mats, brush mats, matting netting and for tighten the creeps such as grapes…ect.

5mt per 40' container. Spools – 12 mt, balm- 24Mt, 40'HC container.

Coco Peat:
This Product has been use in manly applications like Farms, Green Houses, Horticulture, Hydro seed spray, landscape and potting soil, especially in the hydro seed spray there isn't any machine to break the coco peat and all you need to do is to add in the coco peat together with the bark compost into the mixer and spray on to the slope. Compression depending on user's requirement. Standard sizes and compression's are as follows.
Bales Compression 1:5, Volume 60Ltr.

20Mt  per 40' container.